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Yemenite Shofar Display Stand

Yemenite Shofar Display Stand


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Yemenite and Gemsbok Shofar Display Stand

Made out of sturdy black metal
Measures 35"H, but can be adjusted.  


1. Take the tripod in your hand, starting with the small leg, lift up into the half pipe locking into place. Repeat with the two longer legs.2. Holding the stand in front of you with the short leg facing you, unscrew the knob until its loose, no tension. Do not take out.3. While still holding the tripod with the small leg towards you, take the upper pipe with the indentions facing you and slide down (you may need to do a slight    twisting motion as you push) into the tripod pipe utilizing the indentions as height adjustment marks.4.  Tighten the knob that locks the upper pipe to the lower pipe, utilizing your shofar adjust the upper pipe height as desired.

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