*Receipt of the requested information will allow you to have the wholesale discount starting at 50% off retail price on all products with approval and qualifying orders.



The requirements for being one of our wholesalers are as follows:

        1. Provide Resale certificate or Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.*
        2. Provide a valid credit card including expiration date and security code.*
        3. Provide a valid phone, fax number and email address.*
        4. Provide a physical address to where deliveries can be made (no PO boxes).*
        5. Orders must equal at least $500.00 retail ($250.00 wholesale).**
        6. We ship to Canada using United States Postal Service to save on duty fees.
        7. Must have a USA or Canada address or forwarder.
        8. Shipping and handling charges are whatever FedEx Ground charges (determined by weight and distance) plus $5.00 per box handling fee.
        9. All customers begin as Credit Card customers, and after an initial order may apply to become a Net 30 customer.
        10. Net 30 customers must pay by check, not credit card

** For smaller orders, you can receive a wholesale discount through our fulfillment center, Anchor Distributors, online at www.AnchorDistributors.com. 

After your application has been approved, your wholesale discount code will be activated for all online orders.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this process.

These requirements are subject to change without notice.

Thank you,

Holy Land Gifts