About Holy Land Gifts

Holy Land Gifts specializes in providing gifts from the Holy Land that help believers in Christ understand their biblical roots and deepen their connection with scripture. Our items bring to life biblical stories and spiritual lessons. Just as Yeshua taught in parables and used illustrations from day-to-day life to illustrate kingdom principles, so do our items illustrate scripture and help believers strengthen their insight into God’s Word.


About Us:

Holy Land Gifts is a privately-owned, trusted supplier of Inspirational Gifts made in or originated from Israel, dedicated to meeting the needs of the Hebraic-Christian market since 1995. We take pride in creating beautiful, inspiring, and informative products that help Christians connect with Israel and the Jewish foundations of their faith.

All of our items originate in Israel from inspiration, concept and design, and sourcing. We employ artists and designers to support Jewish people. Oils, shofars, tallits, and many other products come directly from the Holy Land, while other products are manufactured outside of Israel. Items in our catalog and on our website directly relate to scripture and helps bring the Bible to life.



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Holy Land Gifts
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