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Greeting Card: El Yeshuati - Salvation

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The God of My Salvation embossed gold-foiled greeting cards 6 cards & 6 white envelopes (retail value $2.99 each)  Individual card & envelope sealed in plastic for extra protection and customer viewing  Cards are 8"h x 5"w printed on high quality paper with embossing, gold foil, and some Hebrew   

  • Card Front-Moses with hands raised as God parts the waters indicates the first establishment of Israel and the Flag of Israel with blue stripes and blue Star of David indicates the re-establishment of Israel in 1947. 
  • In English "The God of My Salvation"  In English & Hebrew "El Yeshuati" (interior can be viewed while encased in plastic)
  • Side (a) "Behold God is my salvation"  Isaiah 12:2 
  • Side (b) "You shall call his name Yeshua for he will save his people from their sins" 
  • Card Back  "Hallelujah"  
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