Seventy Years of Miracles

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We mark the 70th Anniversary of Israeli Independence in 2018. For ministries who support Israel, we want to offer a unique book that celebrates Israel’s rebirth, Seventy Years of Miracles. Our 56 page, hard-covered, limited-edition book chronicles the restoration of the Jewish nation and captures the inspirational story of God’s redemptive work.

The book will include photos from the early days of Israeli independence up through the modern day, and a story line that follows the miraculous transformation of a people that rose from the ashes of the holocaust to being a world leader in culture and industry (water purification, sustainable energy, auto-driven automobiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles). 

Holy Land Gifts is offering this as a premium gift to ministries, and giving ministries the ability to customize the dust jacket with their own message of support for the nation of our Biblical roots. Price will depend on quantity ordered, with a retail value of $30. This is an amazing opportunity to show your support of Israel within a beautiful book commemorating Israeli independence.

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